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We believe there would be no music industry without the musician. Hence, they should be defining the new rules of the game. 

Groovy launched with a mission to empower the creators of music (artists, writers, composers, producers, live bands and all other musicians) so that they can navigate the enigmatic music industry with ease.

We provide educational tools & consulting services to anyone in the music industry who feels the need to get help navigating through the business. 


Our team consists of expert music business professionals, who graduated from world's top music and business schools. They believe empowering the musician themself as the road to defining the new models that the music industry will evolve into having.

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Understanding how music royalties flow from the sale of final product to you is important to intelligently collect them. 

Your music is your business and as artists, you might be uninformed and/or unequipped to understand it. As for most of you, this is a full-time occupation and you deserve to know how to collect the money that is owed to you.

Empower yourself with musical knowledge and never let any royalty stream go untapped.

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Publishing Consultancy

If you are a songwriter/ composer/ producer and you're looking to monetise your creative ideas, you need to register yourself with CMOs (Collective Management Organisations). Publishing companies or Publishers are extremely equipped to help you in a variety of ways concerning your creation(s). 

If you are looking to get help in this domain, contact us and we'll help you figure out how to choose the right publisher.

Distribution Consultancy

The record music business is the closest to the actual final track that is released via distribution online. If you want help getting to know the right distribution partner for you, contact us.  ​

Financing Consultancy

In order to pursue your musical journey, like any other business, you require funds to carry on-going activities such as recording your music, marketing, getting session musicians to play with you (among others). 

Today, more than ever, it is easier to fund your business from among a plethora of options that exist. Contact us for information on your choices for financing, choosing the right way(s) to get money for your musical goals. 

Personalised Help

If you are unsure of what you need to do in order to pursue your goals and/or starting out in the music industry, get in touch with us.


Music Business Industry.

Empowerment starts with education. As a part of that effort, Groovy publishes educational content in blogs.

Music Business begins with an ideation of a copyright (the idea of the song/ melody/ structure/ compositions/ lyrics...). The copyright laws vary from country to country and are updated regularly to incorporate changes due to advancement in technology, shift in power among entities and other factors.

Moreover, the way the industry operates is a complex structure. To decipher what, how much and how you earn your revenues, might be a taxing initiative in itself.

If you find yourself overwhelmed with information about the industry, you're not alone.. But the good thing is Groovy consists of passionate professionals who know the ins and out of the business and exist with a sole purpose to empower you. A part of that effort reflects in the educational content as provided in our blogs